4G LTE Android POC Network Radio-Retevis RB21

PoC (Push-to-Talk Over Cellular) radio is a mobile communication system for dispatching and commanding built on the mobile communication network.The public network series of products use the public network operation network, break through the traditional distance limit and realize the whole network connection. The big advantage of POC is that it not only provides fast PTT services, but also provides one-to-many group calls (Compared to mobile phones, it is a huge advantage). If you are looking for a good POC radio, I highly recommend Retevis RB21 4G LTE Android POC Network Radio.

4G LTE Android POC Network Radio-Retevis RB21
4G LTE Android POC Network Radio-Retevis RB21

Some Great features of Retevis RB21

Unlimited talking distance

Retevis RB21 easily eliminates the distance restriction and can transmit and receive strong signal in any corner of the country.

Network support WIFI/2G/3G/4G

RB21 differs from ordinary walkie talkies in that it is a 100% network walkie-talkie, supporting 2G/3G/4G, which also connects WI-FI and other phones’ hot spots smoothly.  Therefore, iworks with no monthly fees.

GPS Position Function

RB21 comes with a high-accuracy GPS antenna, also with the online dispatch software, while instant location can be tracked by different platforms like PC and other smartphones.

Smart Touch Screen

RB21 designs with the handheld non-slip shell, and smart touch screen, which is a convenient tool help these users to check the radio’s information easily.

 Other Features 

  • SOS
  • Loud voice and high fidelity output
  • Flashlight
  • Remote networking and scheduling control
  • Make a voice call
  • Strong signal and long continuation talking

Specification List of Retevis RB21:

specification list of Retevis RB21
Specification List of POC Network Radio Retevis RB21

A simple show of   Retevis RB21 4G LTE Android POC Network Radio:

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Here is a guide about how to connect the network:


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