Guide to Wireless Bluetooth Two Way Radio RA19

How much do you know about Wireless Bluetooth Two Way Radio RA19?  Here is a simple guide to help you get acquainted with this model.


RA19 walkie talkies feature Bluetooth earpones, 22 channels. The walkie talkies feature 9 levels of VOX (Voice Activation). The walkie talkies come with two micro-USB cables a user manual, and a charging dock.  No matter skiing or bicycling, Retevis RA19 Bluetooth walkie talkie makes communication easily.

wireless Bluetooth two way radio
wireless Bluetooth two way radio

Appearance Design

On the left side, the walkie-talkies have a PTT button, a flashlight button, a pairing button, and an emergency alarm button. The right side has a programming port and a micro-USB port for charging. These ports are covered with rubber flaps for protection. On the front there are 6 buttons: mode, menu, Up, Down, MON, and CALL. The screen is also on the front, and there’s a notification light. On the top, there is the flashlight and the on/off/volume switcher. The mic hole is off to the side on the left side of the Retevis logo. The circular speaker grille is under the buttons, and it is approximately 2 in tall by 2 in across.


The walkie talkie is easy to set up. The battery needs to be installed first. The rechargeable battery pack is packaged separately as the radio can accept double A batteries. After installing the battery, install the clip on the back of the walkie talkie, so that the walkie-talkie is assembled.

wireless Bluetooth two way radio-pairing
wireless Bluetooth two way radio-pairing

Bluetooth pairing

  1. At first, long press and hold the “Bluetooth pairing key” on the side of the radio until a Bluetooth icon appears on the display. And the radio’s led indicator will start flash blue (green) light.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth Earphone to pair with the radio. The radio’s led indicator will flash blue light and red light alternately when paring.
  3. After the pairing is successful, both radio and Bluetooth earphone will stop blinking. It may take about 20 seconds to start transmitting after pairing is successful.


Main Features

Bluetooth Pairing Function      Vibration Reminder Function      155 CTCSS/DCS Private Calls

10 Different Tone Prompts       11 NOAA Weather Channels         Desktop and USB charging

Channel Monitoring                  Dual Channel Monitoring              Room Monitoring

Good for Cycling and Skiing

If you’re looking for two way radio for your outdoor adventures such as cycling and skiing, then a Bluetooth walkie talkie like RA19 is very suitable, since its VOX hand-free operation will work well via the Bluetooth earphone. You can keep in touch with your partners without holding the walkie talkies.

Thank you for reading this blog! If you have any questions, please leave your comments below. We are looking forward to your comments!


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2 thoughts on “Guide to Wireless Bluetooth Two Way Radio RA19”

  1. Hmmm only one my radios have bluetooth.
    All my other radios do not have bluetooth.
    So i order your bluetooth headset and adapter x 3.
    I think it is a nice way to add bluetooth to radios.
    I have RT87. So i order GP328 to see if i connect EEK013 if it can work to add bluetooth to RT87.
    Not sure if it can work, it is experiment.

    1. hi,
      EEK013 comes with the Kenwood-2pin. So if you order this part, you can not use it on model RT87.

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