How RT3S GPS Function works

GPS “Global Positioning System” is a satellite navigation system used to determine the ground position of an object.  Retevis RT3S is a dual band digital radio come with GPS function can satellite your position and receive another radio GPS information. But do you know how dose RT3S GPS function works? 

What do you need?

  1. Get one RT3S DMR radio from official website.
  2. Download RT3S software from retevis websiet resources-center.
  3. Get one program cable.

How to setup RT3S GPS in the software?

  1. Firstly, Open your software, Under Menu Item list, Tick “GPS”.

2. Create one channel which need to use GPS. Improtant thing to tick” Send GPS info” and “Receive GPS info”.  and choose one GPS system.

3. Set up GPS system.

How to check RT3S GPS information?

Go outside, wait several mins until the GPS icon activated.  Open Menu, find GPS/Beidou Info.

How to view another radio’s GPS information?

Enter Menu and find Contacts, then Manual Dial, enter the other radio’s ID.

Will receive that radio position after several seconds waiting. In “RX GPSinfo” you can check what is the GPS information you receive.

RT3S unique system pinpoints your friend’s position and show you exactly where he is ,even when you can’t see or hear him.  Any problem about setting up RT3S GPS, please email to or contacts our Facebook Page:

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