How to enable Retevis RA26 ATIS function

How to enable Retevis RA26 ATIS function

Reteivs RA26 is a handheld marine radio wort at the VHF frequency range. It’s features are: IP67 dustproof and waterproof, floating in the water, flashing lights and beeping, horn vibration and drainage function, dual-frequency/tri-frequency on duty, automatic scanning function, long standby and so on.

So do you know how to enable Retevis RA26 ATIS function?

1/You can open the website and click the support, you will find the corresponding software:

2/ Open the programming software, click Model->EUR in the menu bar

3/In the tree list box on the left, double-click ATIS, select Common, and set as follows

4/ Connect the computer and the walkie-talkie with the programming cable, and write the frequency.

5/After successfully writing the frequency, turn off the power and restart it. When the transmission of any channel ends with ATIS FSK information, the receiver at the same frequency can hear a series of sizzling sounds.

6/ Manually close ATIS operation steps:

(1) Press and hold the VOL/SQL key + power on to enter the setting mode

(2) Short press the VOL/SQL switch menu, select the ATIS ABLE menu

(3) Short press the up/key to change the menu settings
OFF: Disable ATIS function
ON: Turn on the ATIS function

(4) Shut down and restart, and the settings will take effect




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