How to extend the battery life of the walkie-talkie?

How to extend the battery life of the walkie-talkie?

Do your portable radio batteries seem to drain quicker than you’d like?

Batteries rely on a chemical reaction to generate voltage.
Therefore, the life of the battery depends on the integrity of the surfaces generating the chemical reaction.
If the material and the external shell are not cared for in a proper fashion, their characteristics will change.
The end result is the loss of charge duration – and a drained battery.
If you are using a two way radio and charging system, encourage your team to follow some of these maintenance procedures.

One same model walkie talkie, some people can use 2 years, some people can use 4years or more long time.Why?

In addition to the frequency of use, the proper use of the battery is also one of the factors, so how do you use the battery correctly?

Here I give you some tips.

1.If metal conductors such as jewelery, keys, ect. Touch the bare pole pf the battery, can cause the battery to short circuit, causing the battery to burn or fire.

2.Use the original or approved battery, the general intercom battery operating temperature range is :-20-60°C.

3.Battery replacement, please check whether the radio is off.
4.Walkie-talkie batteries need to be shelved for a long time, please first charge the battery about 50% of the power.
5. Usually 300-500 times, so you should try to avoid charging when the battery has electricity. This will shorten the battery life.
6.The charge should be carried out on the environment 5-40°c.
If beyond this temperature range, the battery life will be affected.
7.Turn off the radio when you charging.
Before charging, lithium batteries don’t need a special discharge, improve discharge but will damage the battery, charging as much as possible to use slow charge, reduce the fast charge way.
Use the original or reputable brand charger lithium battery to use lithium batteries special charger. And follow the instructions, otherwise it will damage the battery, or even dangerous.

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