How to increase analog walkie talkie range?

Many customers concerned about the walkie talkie communication range. You may learn many solutions to increase analog walkie talkie range

Such as:

1.Increase the transmit power
2.Increase the receiver’s walkie tlakie receiving sensitivity
3.Try to choose an open place to call
4.Change a hign again, and longer antenna for communication
5.Stand on a high position for a better position

All above solutions is correct, but now, we want to introduce a mini, portable, but economical analog repeater, as a solution to increase analog radio range. That is, Retevis RT97 repeater.

Why choose RT97 repeater to increase analog walkie talkie range?

It’s light weight, smart size, so it’s very easy to carry to use indoor, and ourdoor
It support DC12V ~24V commercial power and car charger, even if you go ourdoors, you can easily plug in your car to offer the power supply.
Frequency customizeable
You can choose license free GMRS frequency( in USA).
If you have license, you can also choose the frequency you need.
If you don’t want bother to choose the frequecy, we have also stock frequency, which you can use easily, just make sure the walkie talkie set reversed frequency for normal communication is ok.

Most important, this analog repeater price much affordable. Only less than four hundred dollars, you can get a high performance good tool to increase your walkie talkie communication range.

You must be curious, what range this analog repeater will increase?

Sure, the range increase is based on your radio power, the communicaiton surroudings and barriers.

Retevis has made a field testing, please take a looking in video below.

Communication Range effect Conclusion:

2W walkie talkie: such as RT22 radius range 2.5km diameter range: 5km
5W wallkie talkie:such as RT87 radius range 7 km diameter range:14km
10W walklie talkie: such as RT29 radius range 8 km diameter range:16km

For an analog radio, above testing effect inside city, should be very good effect. If you use RT97 in your warehouse, factory, company, farm, etc, walkie talkie range with RT97 analog repeater should be very good and enough.

Wow! So good and economical a solution to iincrease analog walkie talkie range, wanna learn more about RT97? Please feel free to email to are always here to support you for this goods range increase solution. Thanks.

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