How to set RT83 group call?

RT83 is IP67 GPS 10W DMR radio, the frequency range 400-470Mhz, we know how to set Retevis RT83 private call. Today we study together how to set RT83 group call

Prepare work to set RT83 group call

1.Download and install Universal USB driver and RT82 software from Retevis official website:
2.Connect your RT83 with PC, using programming cable J9137P
3.Turn on the radio
4.Open RT83 software interface

How to set RT83 group call?

Take RT83 (radio ID 1234), which want to group call another RT82 (radio ID 1235), and another RT50 (radio ID 1236)

1.Check the Radio ID in software

2.set Digital Contact

Key point to set digital contact in group call

We must set a “Plublic passage” for all group call radios. So in Radio ID 1234, Radio ID 1235. Radio 1236, They must have the same Group call contact, include same “Contact Name”, same Call ID.

Like Contact name: Retevis(or other name which is same is ok) Call Type: Group Call Call ID(no fixed, but 3radios 1234+1235+1236 must keep same ID) Actually,in international radio communication, one group normally has fixed and conventional Contact Name and Call ID.

Like RT83 set as follow:

3.set channel information in Radio ID 1234,1235,1236, Contact name choose the Group Call“public passage” Hams

Keeping  frequency, Color code, on the communication channel should be exactly same. If radio connect to repeater, then we need set Repeator Slot for all, the sam4.Write to Radio to save all

4.Write to Radio to save all programming.

Test on group call effect.

Switch RT83,RT82 and RT50 in the communication channel, press PTT on any one radio, they other two will receive the communication. Group call realized!

Done! Any questions about RT82 group call, please feel free to contact us!

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