How to Use Wireless Copy Function of RB26

RB26 GMRS Radio is repeater capable long range radio, suitable for outdoor activities. One advantage of the RB26 is wireless copy function. With this function, you can let two RB26 copy with each other without setting them by software from the PC. It will greatly save time and improve work efficiency. And the operation of wireless copy function of RB26 is very simple. Here I’m going to introduce how to operate.

Steps to operate

Before operating wireless copy function of RB26, we need to know the buttons and keys of RB26:

Keys to use Wireless Copy Function of RB26
Keys to use Wireless Copy Funcation of RB26

Step 1. Turn on the two radios: Set transmitter radio to Channel 1, and the receiver radio to Channel 10. Then turn off the radios.

Step 2. Long press the side PF2 key of the receiver radio and turn on the radio at the same time.  Long press the side PF1 key of the transmitter radio and turn on the radio at the same time.

Step 3.  Short press the PTT button of the tansmitter. The indicator will turn red, which means the transmitter radio is transmitting datas.  Meanwhile, the red and green lights of the receiver flash alternately, indicating that data is being received at this time.

Step 4. After the process of data transfer is complete, just restart the radios.


1. The wireless copy frequency and ID code of the transmitter and receiver must be the same to transmit data.

2. The wireless copy frequency and ID code can be confirmed and changed by programming software.

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