How to improve the sound quality on your radio?

Do you know how many factors can affect the voice? The volume, the communication distance, the squelch level, and the environment? Can you set up these functions to improve the sound quality? From here, you can watch the performance of the noise-reduction radio RB85.


Have you heard of Retevis RB85 Intelligent noise reduction radio? It is a long-range UHF radio with a noise-reduction function. It can recognize and reduce noise. And it seems like the noise reduction function can work well in some noisy workplaces. And here is a video to show how the noise reduction function works in a crowded area.

Squelch level

And you can also set up the squelch level to improve the sound quality. If you have a radio, you can check the sensitivity of the squelch level. On the RB85, the default squelch level is 5, and when you set the squelch level to 0, you can hear everything from the mic. However, if you set the squelch level to 9, you will hear a distorted voice.


Another factor is compandor. You can check if your radio has this function on the manual or the software. Compandor can improve the SNR to reduce the noise in receiving. The SNR means the signal to noise ratio, which can reduce the noise when you receive a call and transfer it to a sound.


Communication distance is also an important factor for a clear voice. According to the characteristics of the carrier, the farther the distance, the more interference is received in the transmission and the more interference the sound is subjected to. This is one of the reasons why walkie-talkies are noisy at long distances. If you use a walkie-talkie in a crowded place, such as a building, a factory, or a city, the call will be interrupted by electrical interference. If used in sparsely populated places, such as farms, grasslands, and mountaintops, electromagnetic interference is reduced.


Location. Specify the altitude clearly. As we all know, the higher the antenna, the better the signal. When using the radio antenna, you can get the longest distance by standing on an empty mountaintop. A friend of ours, ringway manchester, used a PMR446 radio to get 26 miles because he was standing in an unsheltered hilltop park in England. Another friend, Kansas Prepper, tested the long-distance radio, the RT29. He lived above a farm warehouse near a huge generator and satellite dish. Because of the interference, he got more than two miles of talking range in the car. The same RT29 was tested at a distance of 4 miles in the city. In a wider area, the range can be more than 4 miles.

RT29-kansas prepper

Here are the 5 factors to affect the sound quality. Do you meet the sound quality when you talk on the radio?

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