IP68 Waterproof High Power Business Two-way Radio——P2/P62

With the wide application of two way radios in the commercial field, more and more users are beginning to pay attention to the performance and functions of the two-way radios themselves. On this basis, Retevis has set up a high-performance product with excellent functions and design – P2/P62. It aims at providing reliable communication solutions and staying connected no matter what environment.


P2/P62 has IP68 waterproof and dustproof as their primary function. Compared with IP67 waterproof and dustproof, IP68 has stronger water resistance and can work in harsher weather conditions, such as rain, snow and sandstorm. In addition, PC and solid metal aluminum materials make the two way radio withstand accidental knocks and drops without affecting normal use. These make P2/P62 radios ideal for outdoor activities, construction sites and extreme sports.


At the same time, 10W high power is the another benefit of the two-way radio. It has excellent signal transmission capabilities, and can maintain stable communication in complex environments. Whether between buildings in the city, on mountain adventures or on polar expeditions, P2/P62 ensures clear conversations between users and ensures the reliability of information transfer.


In addition, P2/P62 two way radios are equipped with one-key frequency pairing function. This means users can quickly channel match other two way radios with just the press of a button, eliminating the need to manually adjust frequencies. This simplifies the operation of the walkie talkies, saves time, and ensures that communication connections are quickly established between team members in response to emergencies or working together.


Finally, the P2/P62 radio has the man down alarm function. When the user encounters an accident or emergency, the walkie-talkie can detect tilt and vibration through built-in sensors and automatically trigger the alarm system to send emergency notifications to the team. This provides users with additional security and helps them receive timely support in hazardous environments.


To sum up, the P2/P62 walkie-talkie is a powerful and reliable communication device. Features such as IP68 waterproof and dustproof, high power, one-key frequency pairing and man down alarm make it competent in various extreme environments. Whether they’re explorers, construction workers or outdoor enthusiasts, they can rely on P2/P62 radios to communicate effectively and keep their teams safe and their jobs running smoothly.

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