Longer Communication Distance —– Connect Up to 30 Radios— RB91 & RB24

With the wide application of two way radios in different fields, how to choose a suitable and efficient two way radio has become difficult. For this problem, high-power two way radios give us more options. However, high-power two way radios also have limitations in communication distance and coverage. Therefore, the functions of two way radios are constantly being optimized, and 30-level continuous jump is one of them. Let’s learn about 30-level continuous jump and a digital two way radio with 30-level continuous jump function—RB91 and RB24.

What is the continuous jump? It means that the signal from the transmitter continuously passes through automatic relay and transmits the signal to the receiver to extend the communication distance.

RB91 and RB24 Put the RB91 digital relay in one of the locations, adjust RB91 and RB24 to the same channel, and you can make calls. If you want to achieve continuous jumps, you can turn on multiple RB24 digital two way radios at the same time, perform continuous automatic transfer, and achieve continuous jumps. Up to 30 digital two way radios can be connected.

Advantages of 30-level 30 continuous jump The biggest advantage of 30-level continuous jump is to extend the communication distance, which is helpful for users to overcome the limitations of communication distance due to power, obstacles and other restrictions. Whether it is on the higher floors of the building, or in closed basements, tunnels, etc., clear and stable communication can be achieved.


RB91 Direct Frequency Digital Repeater with 2PCS RB24 UHF Handheld Radio
RB91 Direct Frequency Digital Repeater with 2PCS RB24 UHF Handheld Radio

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