Overcome the fear of kayaking with just four tips

Some beginners of kayaking are nervous on the water. They may have irrational fear to the rapids or have fear of the unknown, for example, “what should I do if I meet a shark?”. Fear is normal when people start trying new things in new environments. But we have to overcome the fear to move on. If you want to know how to overcome the fear of kayaking, read on!

Face the Root of Fear

It means to identify where your fear is coming from. It will be useful to try and figure out why you’re scared. In usual, fear comes from excessive imagination and distrust of your own abilities. You need to solve the fear before setting out for kayaking.

Take Lessons and Practice

You can easily teach yourself paddling basics via books and websites. But it will be at higher risk of developing bad paddling habits. So it is strongly recommended to taking kayaking lessons in person. Your trainer will give you the right skills and knowledge to protect yourself. It is also important to take the time to train and develop a proper pace. With more training, you will become more and more brave.

Equipped with Safety Gears

Get yourself equipped with safety gears, including PFD (personal floatation devise), whistle, VHF radio, etc. The PFD will let you float once you fall in the water. The whistle can send out alarm to others , while VHF radio can not only send out the SOS alarm to inform the ships around but also help you keep in touch. Here to check Top 5 Retevis VHF Marine Radios In 2022 ; VHF Marine Radios need a licence to use. If you don’t want to apply for a licence, you can use FRS/ PMR446 waterproof two way radios, which are more affordable. RT49P/RT649P and RT45P/RT645P are highly recommended.

Overcome the fear of kayaking-safety gears
Overcome the fear of kayaking-safety gears

Go with An Experienced Group

It’s the easiest way to overcome the fear. The group is the strong existence for support. You can find some good learners on your kayak classes. So you can ask them whether want to be a kayak group. You can also ask the instructor for advice on people you can contact.

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