How to upgrade the RB17P GMRS radio?

Too many customers said it is a small and beautiful radio. It is a gray and black design with  5 functional buttons on the front panel. Looks simple and fashionable. The screen is colorful and clear, you can check the main parameters on it. So, it is the guide to upgrading your RB17P GMRS radio.

What is updated in the firmware upgrade?

1. Add menu “T-CDC, R-CDC”, VOX and VOX delay, Scan Mode: CO, TO, SE.

2. Frequency involved 467.5625,467.6125,467.6625,467.7125,467.5875,467.6375,467.6875, will be fixed to nonadjustable Narrow bandwidth and Low Power. Other frequencies will all default to Wide bandwidth and High power.
3. Cancel preset CTCSS/DCS tones: Find the menu 23 Reset, and add CH QT/DCS. it will cancel all the preset CTCSS/DCS tones.

How to upgrade the RB17P GMRS radio?

  1. Please download the firmware package from the support tab.
  2. Please contact us or leave a comment here for a registered file to run the firmware.
  3. Unzip the registered file and double-click the .dat file.
  4. A run program is working, and it will create a new file in the folder.
  5. The new file will disappear later. Next, you can run the firmware application. Please do not change the storage path when you install the firmware.
  6. There is an upgrade firmware pop-up box on your computer. Click COM to switch to your serial port. And click the UPDATE later.
  7. It will upgrade successfully when the progress bar reaches 100%. And you can see the notice.


And if you need more help with the radio operation, you can check how to set up the busy channel lock.

Hope you can work well with this radio. If any questions or concerns, please comment below.

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