waterproof license free radio

Retevis RT647 waterproof license free radio using for security volunteers

Retevis RT647 waterproof license free radio using for security volunteers

Thanks for Mr. Ian writing below blog for Retevis.

Dear Elsa,

Sorry for the late reply, we have been quite busy as the weather has been optimal for the migrations.

As promised, following is the text I have re-written for your blog. Please feel free to make any corrections or modifications you deem fit. I have also attached a couple of photos, as you can see the newts are tiny – and honestly very very cute – creatures and they have no chance against massive, fast cars. The photos are not great but at the moment they are the best we can do as we are working fast to save them. I’ll try to get some better photos and send them to you if required.

wateproof radio

The months of February and March is the migratory period for amphibia here in Belgium. During this period frogs, toads and newts move away from their winter hibernation places to the ponds where they were born for reproduction. Unfortunately hundreds of these poor creatures die every year on their journey when the cross roads and are killed by traffic. These animals are all endagered species and are protected by law. So along with a few other volunteers, we spend our evenings helping the amphibia safely across roads. The portion of road we monitor is just under 2km long and is mostly rural. Recently we purchased a pair of Retevis PMR446 rt647 compliant radios so our people could remain in contact. Previously we had to use our mobile phones which was slow and cumbersome. With the radios we can quickly request help from other members if there are more creatures in one particular spot and our personal security is also enhanced as we can easily and instantly warn others of dangerous oncoming drivers, of which there are unfortunately many.

We have been using the radios for a couple of weeks now and I have to say that they have exceeded our expectations both in terms of build quality, which is second to none, and usability. I’m happy we chose the Retevis RT647 model for its IP67 rating which was a no brainer. Already the radios have been subjected to heavy rain, drops and one fell into a puddle and still work perfectly. Radio users here agree that microphones are another obvious choice as when used with the VOX feature will allow us to have both hands free all the time.
I hope this is ok.

kind regards,

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