Retevis RT70 POC radio is coming

Retevis RT70 POC radio, is the Push to Talk over cellular POC radio for EU countries. This radio need to use the Cellular to send your voice and other information to your group.

What is the POC?

Push to Talk is a method of voice communication, you can send your voice to another by simply pressing a button (PTT).

PoC is an acronym of Push to talk over the Cellular. It means this radio only need to insert a SIM card, you can send your voice to another.

Cell phone Vs Poc radio

  • The big difference is Cost

Poc radio do not pay for the phone bill, only need to pay a certain data fee.

But Cell phone need to pay expensive than Poc radio, not only the phone bill, but also the data fee.

  • Another difference is convenience

Poc radio has the private call, group call. You can choose any one to talk or a group to talk, only need to press the PTT to be able to speak anytime and anywhere.

Cell phone can only call one person at a time. You need to dial the phone number or find your contacts to call him/her.

Poc Radio VS walkie talkies

walkie talkies like the land mobile radio, it has the limited communication range, they are limited by distance.

But PTT Over Cellular leverages existing cellular data, giving you instant and secure talk.

Retevis RT70-POC Radio

Retevis RT70, the real ptt over cellular radio. it used the Android System, with the 2.4inch display. Let’s check the buttons of this poc radio.

The front:

The side-keys:

The top and back:

The features:

1, Support Private Call/Group Call/Member List/Parent Group Call.

2, Zello Available

3, PTT kibitz function

4, Camera/Camera Video

5, GPS(Online Map) and Track

6, Recoding function

7, Touch Panel

8, Single card single standby

9, Long stand-by with 4000 mah capacity

10, Support 4G, 3G, 2G, wifi.


The LTE FDD frequency:


Tx frequency: 1920~1980Mhz Rx frequency:2110~2170MHz


Tx frequency: 1850~1910Mhz Rx frequency:1930~1990MHz


Tx frequency: 1710~1785Mhz Rx frequency:1805~1880MHz


Tx frequency: 824~849Mhz   Rx frequency:869~894MHz


Tx frequency: 2500~2570Mhz Rx frequency:2620~2690MHz


Tx frequency: 880~915Mhz Rx frequency:925~960MHz
B20Tx frequency: 791~821Mhz Rx frequency:832~862MHz
B28Tx frequency: 703~748Mhz Rx frequency:758~830MHz


If you have any question about this Retevis RT70-POC Radio, please feel free to contact us!



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