Revolutionizing Communication: The Story of Our Cutting-edge Two-way Radios—Introduction


In modern society, efficient communication is crucial. Over the years, from traditional heavy phones to updated smart phones, many communication methods offer multiple choices to us. However, many problems appear.

1.There is no cellular network when going out can’t contact your members.

2.The poor sound quality can’t hear clearly what the other is saying.

To solve these questions, a new communication tool is developed—- two-way radio, just as its name implies, it can achieve dual-way communication without signal and network limitation.

At the beginning, the two way radio is large and bulky, but it is too heavy to carry for a-whole-day work use. In addition, if you want to use it, you may need to get a radio license. Poor sound quality makes the walkie-talkie replace frequently. Later, a new walkie-talkie brand was aware of these issues and decided to find a better solution.



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