Revolutionizing Communication: The Story of Our Cutting-edge Two-way Radios——Solution


After years of testing, a series of ultra-thin, high-quality license-free two way radios appeared. First, active view display and LCD display make it easier to read the battery and channel information whether you are indoor and outdoors. It is convenient to check the rest of battery life and know the current working channel. Even when you want to change the function setting, clearly to see.


Secondly, we focus on the portability of our products. Through careful design and optimization, our walkie-talkies have become thinner and lighter. 15mm/0.59inch thick enables users to easily carry it in their pocket or attach it to their body using the matching belt clip without worrying about being overburdened or unportable.


Additionally, our walkie-talkies are license-free. Even when you are a beginner, you can quickly learn how to operate it in a short period of time. Also, when you are the same channel and CTCSS/DCS as other brands of two way radios, you can communicate easily without complex settings.



Two way radio with the screen, ultra-slim and license-free walkie talkie play an important role in business fields. For example, when you work in a restaurant, real-time communication is essential. A screen helps you replace or recharge the two way radio in time due to the lack of battery power, helps you quickly learn the channel change and avoid missing information to affect customer dinner experience.

Ultra-slim design reduces the carry pressure when you carry it with cleaning up the dining-table or moving to serve customers.


Built-in large battery supports a-whole-day work without frequent charging, improving communication efficiency and increasing work efficiency.


Squelch function offers clear sound quality to ensure clear transmission and reception in peak dining period by eliminating background noise.


So many functions make a better choice for restaurants, schools, hotels and retail stores to choose two way radios.



For business, choosing a reliable communication method to achieve efficient communication is very important. There is no doubt that the walkie talkie with screen, easy-to-carry, easy-to-operate will be the better choice.

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