What’s Retevis walkie talkie earpiece catagory?

What’s Retevis walkie talkie earpiece catagory?

Earpieces place an important role in the use of walkie talkies, it not only liberate the hands of the caller, in some special working environment, it also plays the role of hidden your earpiece, make your communications more secret. At present, with the continuous developping of walkie talkie, all kinds of headset products comes out quickly.

As a fast developing walkie talkie brand, Retevis has many earpieces catagories, some new users may have some confusions on these catagories, and how to choose suitable headsets. In this article, we will introduce some Retevis brand earpieces, and introduce when we will choose them.

1. From the way to wear, headsets distinguish earplugs, ear hanging, headset.

Ear plug type, ear hanging headset are in small size, easy to carry, is currently quite hot and mostly commly used headphones on the market. Generally it have a combination of microphone, built-in microphone two forms. Cost-effective earplugs and ear-hanging headphones, allow users to use the walkie talkie without remove them from the carrier case, thereby improving the user’s productivity. Applicable mostly to retail, hotel, catering, office and other daily use industries.

Headset are generally larger, have a higher weight, not easy to carry, but it’s stronger performance in prevent the noise. It includes light headset headset, medium headset, heavy headset three. Light headset for high-definition, can be used in the environment of medium noise, like entertainment industry, retail, sports, leisure industry. Medium-sized headset is using in a bad noisy environment. Like the construction industry, manufacturing, petrochemical and air transport industry. Heavy-duty headphones include a noisy rotating microphone that can be worn with or without a helmet. The receiver is used for noise intensity up to 125dB. Applicable to mining, construction, manufacturing and air transport.

Earplug: C9040A 

Ear hanging: C011


2. from the sound conduction ways, headset distinguish air duct, ear bone conduction, throat vibration and other categories.

Air duct, and ear bone, have better privacy, when you don’t want others see you are wearing an earpiece, just put your earpiece inside collar is ok. Both have a better tone quality, as ear bulb put inside ear deeply. Both air duct and ear bone mostly are single side. You can listen to the radio transmitting from the end transmitter, at the same time, the other ear can take attention of the other calls, such as you can hear your phone calls, or your colleague is calling you nearby.
because the air duct is selected by the transparent material, easy to use, so for some special work of the crowd (such as entertainment staff and security staff and other people) and long time to use crowd to choose. It’s very confortable when wear.

For throad viration, it’s used for a large noise environment, like the construction, mill, etc. Throat viration headsets are not sensitive to environment noise, what you are transmitting, only what you said can transmit to the other part. Other noises in the environment can not transmit to your end receivers. So throat earpiece has excellent anti-noise ability.

Air conduct earpiece:C9005A

Ear-bone earpiece: C9007A

throat vibration earpiece: C0200A

3.From the plug of the earpiece

Most retevis brand earpiece is keenwood 2pin earpiece.

such as C014:

We also have motorola 2 pin earpiece. such as C9006A

Your walkie talkie earpiece plug is based on your walkie talkie earpiece plug connector.

Mostly, clear tube earpiece is mostly recommend for common daily use, like office staff use, hotel, restaurant use, etc.

Anyway, any earpiece requirement, or you want to customize any earpiece, please feel free to contact kam@retevis.com, we are always here to support!

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