questions and answers about RB21 poc walkie talkies

FAQ about RB21 POC Walkie Talkies

Retevis RB21 is the POC walkie-talkie, and it is also the latest model from Retevis. But customers still have lots of questions about this POC radio. Here we will list the common questions about  RB21 POC walkie-talkies and offer the answers below.

Hope this can help you know the RB21 POC radio quickly.


1, What distance does RB21 radio cover?

There is no limit. As far as you have the 3G/4G or a Wifi signal you will be in reach. This means that you are only dependent on the cellphone carrier service, or a Wifi hotspot.

2, Why is this better compared to traditional walkie-talkies?

Traditional two-way radios will always be limited by distance and interference. And the RB21 relies on cellphone carriers, so you will always experience loud and clear interference-free communications. Besides, you don’t need to invest in expensive radio like repeaters, towers, antennas and etc.

3, What happens if I don’t have the Internet?

We are sad to tell you if there is no cellular data network or wifi, you can not be able to connect to our network, so you can not use the PTT functions.

4, What is the function of the SOS buttons on the radios and GPS dispatch?

RB21 has the SOS button, and the GPS dispatch system also has the SOS menu, then press it, it will send an alarm to all users, and you can check the location of the user who pressed the SOS button.

5, Do you have offer a dispatch system?

Yes. You can install our RB21 dispatch system on your computer. Then you can contact any users, check their position on the map, send personal messages, make private and group calls.

6, Do you supply the RB21 POC radios with a SIM card?

No. You should insert your own SIM card.

7, Can the users talk between them, if they are in different countries?

Yes, Any user can talk to other users, but make sure they are in the same group or you are all in one account, regardless the location.

8, Can I check the GPS location of users?

Yes, you can check the real-time location of all users and check their tracking too.

9, How many users can I have in each group?

You can choose the different number of users to build the group. We have 50 users to 10,000 users groups for you to choose.

RB21 group members

10, How much do I pay for the RB21 subscription?

One Yearly Subscription price per radio can be checked here

Hope these questions and answers can help you know more about our Retevis RB21 POC Walkie Talkies. Any questions, please feel free to contact us or leave messages.

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