2 Pin to 3.5 mm Adapter for Mobile Phone Earpiece

One day, My friend Jack asked me, Can I use my mobile phone earpiece 3.5 mm on the RT5 walkie talkie? My RT5 walkie talkie earpiece stop working now, I input the mobile phone earpiece to the side jack, but it doesn’t work. What should I do ? Is there any 2 pin to 3.5 mm adapter something could help?

I thought this question for a long time, Yes, why not? why not make an adapter to make the mobile phone earpiece work with two way radio?

If Retevis produce an adapter– one end is 2 pin, which likes the retevis programming cable, the other end is a jack for 3.5 mm mobile earpiece pin to joint. then the Retevis funs could enjoy it and this is is much more convenient for people who don’t have a walkie talkie earpiece in hand.

The new Retevis 2 pin to 3.5mm adapter is coming in the new year!

2-pin-to-3-5-mm-adapterRetevis 2 Pin to 3.5mm Adapter, which makes it possible to use a 3.5 mm normal earpiece for your two way radios. It means you could use your mobile phone earpiece on the walkie talkie now.


Retevis 2 pin to 3.5 mm adapter converts the standard 2 pin accessories jack on your Kenwood/ Baofeng / Retevis (or similar radio). to adapt to 3.5 mm headsets or audio out jack.


If your earpiece includes a inline mic, You will be able to use the inline mic for communication. Simply press the PTT on the radio, then you could talk to others by the earpiece inline mic. No need to put the radio before your mouth.



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