RT23 makes UHF radio talk with VHF radio

Sometimes you are you have UHF radio only, but your friends only have VHF, but you have the needs to take with each other, so is it possible? Answer is “sure”! What shall we do? Retevis new developed products RT23 can help! Makes UHF radio talk with VHF radio not a dream! It’s amazing!

How to set RT23 to make UHF radio talk with VHF radio?

You and your friend’s radio, we call radio A and radio B.

A radio: TX=RX frequency=425.2250 CDCSS: TX=RX=D025N
B radio: TX=RX frequency=138.2250 CDCSS: TX=RX=D025N

uhf talk with vhf
RT23: In VFO mode, Set below data by hand on the keyboard
1.frequency=425.2250(this frequency can be TX frequency or RX frequency)
2.menu–19–S-D -select “-”
3.menu–20–OFFSET–287.0000(this way TX frequency is 425.2250-425.2250=138.2250)
4.menu–6—Relay–on (start the repeater function of RT23)
6.menu–34–RPT–MOD–DOUBLE(this is the key point)
You will see below interface on RT23 LCD display.

retevis rt23
When radio A transmit at 425.2250, RT23 receive 425.2250, then transmit at 138.2250, radio B now receive the signal.

uhf communicate with vhf
With RT23 serve as cross-band repeater, press PTT for radio A, you will see radio B received the signal! UHF A radio can talk with VHF B radio. It’s cool! With this small repeater, not only UHF can talk with VHF, your communication range will be better than before. Are you interested in Retevis RT23? Any questions about it, please email to kam@retevis.com for further discussing! We are always here to support!

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