Retevis RT6 FAQ

Do you have any questions about Retevis RT6? now we will talk about some Frequently Asked Questions these days, Hope this will help you solve the problems.

Question 1: IP67 waterproof Retevis RT6, can I use it when having diving sports?


Retevis RT6 is rated IP67, using the Ingress Protection rating system. The dust rating is 6 ( highest level of protection), and the water resistance rating is 7 (water-resistant up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes).
RT6 is not a professional marine radio, if you want to use it in the marine environment, you need prepare a bulky protective case for it.

Question 2: How to set Channel name of Retevis RT6?

1. Program the channel name to each channel in the programming software.
2. Press 【MENU】, input 21, choose MDF-A, 【MENU】 press up/down button, choose CH, 【MENU】【exit】
3. Press 【MENU】, input 22, choose MDF-B, 【MENU】 press up/down button, choose NAME, 【MENU】【exit】

please check another blog;

Question 3: Keys all not work

when Retevis RT6 radio is turned “on”, you can RECEIVE transmissions, but you cannot SEND transmissions. Nothing happens when you push the “MENU” or UP/DOWN arrows. The unit is frozen. How to do?
1. Turn on the radio in channel mode, you couldn’t change any frequency by the keypad, so the buttons not work. Turn off the radio first, then held the MENU button, then turn on the radio, it is frequency mode, you could set the frequency by the keypad.
2.Turn on the radio in frequency mode, the keypad still not work. Check if there is a key signal displaying on the screen. If so, long press the key lock button, it will be unlocked. If you want to lock the keypad in order to avoid the mistake press. long press again, the keypad will be locked.
3. All buttons don’t work, pls check the Orange button/Alarm button, if it goes down and oppress the motherboard, then the keypad won’t work any more. Use a tweezers or other tools to recover the orange button, then the keypad will work.

Question 4: “ Run time error 8020 ”

when connect the Retevis RT6 radio to my computer, it shows “ Run time error 8020 ”. What should i do?

“ Run time error 8020 ”means the line of radio-programming cable-computer doesn’t connect well, please make sure the USB insert the computer enough and press the cable toughly to the radio. try to program it again.

Question 5: “!” when connecting Retevis RT6 to my computer

I have installed the drivers on a 64 bit win 10 system, but I have a “!” in the driver manager. The air code is as follows: “ A device which does not exist was specified ”. What should I do?


“!” means the programming cable is not compatible with your computer operating system. You need to change another programming cable for it.

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