two way raido for skiiing

2021 BEST two-way radio for skiing 

2021 BEST two-way radio for skiing

Have an upcoming ski trip with the family or group of friends and looking for an easy way to stay in touch on the mountain?

Using two-way radios when you’re out on the mountain skiing is a great idea.  Walkie talkies allowing you to stay in communication even in areas with no phone signal or without relying on 3G data. It makes your outdoor activities more safer.

Retevis has two best ski walkie talkies, that’s very good bluetooth two-way radio for skiing.

Retevis RT49P:

1, With its IP67 rating, RT49P withstands constant submersion of up to 1m for 30 minutes and repels the heaviest rain.

2, Floats and with Water-Activated Flashlight.

3, Emergency Alert and SOS red Light.

4, Built-in Flashlight with White LED Light

5, fresh green color, easy to find and nice appearnce

If you prefer bluetooth function, Retevis RA19 is also a best choice.

  1. Built-in Bluetooth
  2. Comes with a Bluetooth headset
  3. Vibration function

RA19 bluetooth walkie talkie

Consumers say that the Bluetooth walkie-talkie RetevisRA19 is very convenient to use. For beginners, there is a simple keyboard for easy exploration. It is convenient for users to set up channels and Pravicy codes to facilitate communication among team members. Bring a Bluetooth headset, fix it well, it will not fall, and talk during normal riding.

You can activate RT19 VOX function to talk with bluetooth earpiece convenient.

Beside skiing, you can also use these two professional outdoor walkie talkies with any kind of outdoor acitivies, like camping, hiking, bicycling, fishing, etc..

Any inquiries for RT49P or RA19 outdoor walkie talkie, please feel free to leave message under the post.

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