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RA87 40W Powerful Long Range GMRS Mobile Radio

RA87 40W Powerful Long Range GMRS Mobile Radio

If you are looking for a high power  GMRS radios , RA87 40W Powerful GMRS Mobile Radio may be a good choice. Furthermore, this amazing product is well-equipped with 22 high or low power GMRS channels.

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This radio further came with 8 repeater channels, which are perfect for increasing communication range. So, in open areas, longer-range communication is easily made possible.

Surprisingly, this radio comes with 260 privacy codes! Thanks to the privacy codes, you can choose between multiple channels to avoid hearing unwanted transmissions!

Additionally, this product has some other features:

200 memory and Call channels
Memory channel group management
Multiple Scan modes can be selected
Programmable hand microphone function keys
LCD display and adjustable backlight colors
Compose simple repeater station
Dual standby, dual frequency display
DTMF encode and decode function
MSK signaling encode and decode
Same/different/reverse frequency setting
Wideband/Narrowband adjustment
APO (Auto Power Off) protection
Voice companding
AIN Identify code

Whether you’re using the RA87 GMRS  for outdoor activities, leisure, or emergency communication, it provides the reliability, durability, and functionality you need.

Retevis welcome new resellers and OEM brand partners, to realize win-win cooperation, if you are interest in, please feel free to email to laura@retevis.com.

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