The 5 advantages of the new Bluetooth earpiece EWN001

The small EWN001 looks very small and fashionable. So, it looks great when you wear it on your ear. There are four small buttons on the left side, a PTT button, an up button, a down button, and a power button. Here is a touch PTT on the front panel to make it more convenient. So, it is an excellent Bluetooth earpiece to work on your Bluetooth radios and phones.

The 5 advantages of the Bluetooth earpiece EWN001

5.1 Bluetooth version. It can improve the connection. If you want to connect the earpiece to the RB89 and RB37 radios, you can press the PF2 and PTT buttons to turn on the radio. The indicator will flash 4 times, then enter the pairing mode. Switch to the Bluetooth apiece EWN001, and press the power button for about 3 seconds. The indicator will flash red and blue, and the earpiece will enter the pairing mode. Then, the earpiece can connect to the radio quickly, and the indicator will flash blue only.

Touch PTT. The touch PTT is more flexible than a button PTT.

Memorial function. The memory function of the headset can be automatically connected after the second boot. So you don’t have to repeat the pairing steps. But it can memorize 4 devices as well.

Clear function. If you have to switch to other devices, you can press the PTT button 4 times to remove all the memorial connections. Then, you can connect to the new devices or reconnect with the old devices.

Connect two devices at the same time. As we said in the , the new Bluetooth earpiece EWN001 can connect with your radio and your phone simultaneously. This feature helps users not miss any more calls on both the radio and phone.

If you want to know more about the operation of the Bluetooth earpiece EWN001 and how to connect it to the radios and phones, please follow our upcoming live stream on UTC+8 at 9:30 AM, 11/23.

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