RB21 PoC radio for farming

5 reasons to tell you why farmers have to have a PoC radio RB21

According to the introduction before, we all know what is the PoC radio and How does it work. I have posted a question on Quora ‘Is farm 2 way radio important for farmers?’ A part of farmers said they had given up using farm radios because of the distance limited and highly susceptible. But other farmers answered they still use farm radios because it is a memory. Otherwise, for farmers who need frequent calls and group calls, the phone is not a good choice, and phones that can use more leisure entertainment functions will make farmers distracted easily. There are 5 reasons to tell you why farmers have to have a PoC radio RB21.

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  • Low-costs

For agriculture businesses, if the farmers use phones in working, in general, an one plus phone sales $179.99usd in Amazon, but the price of RB21 is $116.99usd. And if you order more than 5 radios, we can provide a wholesales price. And you may pay for the communications about $20 per month, but the subscription fee is only $10 each year. If you want to use the sim card on RB21, you just need about 500M per month, and you can even use the hotspot or Wifi to save more money. In conditions, RB21 costs less than a phone.

  • Smart management platforms

When you start with your RB21, you should know 2 platforms, the Smart PTT management platform, and the dispatching center. You can add and set up your account and devise on the smart PTT management platform, and you can build the group call, report, patrol range, GPS, broadcast, and emergency alarm on the dispatching center. In our normal use, the dispatching center should be our most used platform.

rb21management platform

RB21 dispatch center first look


  • Easy to use

Whether family farms or agricultural companies, each team without a manager, as long as managers operate RB21 and two platforms, other family members and workers will be very easy to use them. For managers, simply use an operation management platform can greatly improve efficiency and level. We provide a detailed user manual. If you encounter problems in the process of using it, you can also leave your questions or concerns in the comment.

  • No distance-limited

Radios, as we all know, the limitation of the biggest flaw is in range and the expensive repeater. But RB21 works with the aid of a network to get rid of the limitation of the transmission distance and maintain the function of instant conversations. For customer need frequent long-distance calls, the PoC radio than the mobile phone is more adapt to the needs of customers.

  • Strong and durable

The RB21 uses a shell similar to business radios, with rugged features.  The smartphones we use most often have large screens, so they are more prone to damage.  However, the RB21 screen ratio is small, the shell is strong, more suitable for commercial use.

Through these 5 reasons to farmers to have a PoC radio RB21. I believe you have a deeper understanding of the public network machine. We will have a special live broadcast of RB21 on Facebook, which will explain how to use RB21 through the practical operation.  I hope you enjoy it.

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