7 tips when programming DMR radio RT54

7 tips when programming DMR radio RT54. You know Programming your radio is very important, especially for the DMR radio for business.

Retevis RT54 is the DMR radio, the dual-mode including the analog mode and digital mode.

Without the display and keypad make it the best choice for business use. Your team members can’t change the settings by themself.

So you need to program your RT54 before sending to them. About how to program your RT54, please find this blog:

How to programme RT54 DMR radio?

This blog will tell you some tips you need to pay attention when programming your RT54.

1, USB driver

This is very important when programming your RT54, if you don’t know this, maybe your computer can’t recongize your radio and cable.

For this, please visit our Retevis Resources page here: https://www.retevis.com/resources-center

Find the USB Universal Driver to download. Then choose the right version to install it.

Right version, please check your computer system, and system type.

2, Programming Cable

Retevis RT54 with the special connector, so it has the special programming cable. Usually the radio’s package without the programming cable, so you need to order it separately. You can find here: Retevis RT54 programming cable

3, Program software

Retevis Offer the FREE programming software for everyone, if need, please download here: https://www.retevis.com/resources_center/software/RT54_softwareV1.05.02.zip

4, Check the radio’s status

When connecting the radio with the computer, please check if your radio is power on or not, make sure your radio with the power. Make sure the connectors between the radio and the computer are tight.

5, Digital Mode Channel

If you set the channel mode with digital, please check the frequencies about Tx and Rx, also please check the contacts, the group list and the contact, the color code and time slot.

6, Analog mode Channel

If you set the channel mode with analog, please check the frequencies about Tx and Rx, and the QT/DQT.

7, Other settings.

If you want to set other settings, like VOX, TOT, side key button, squelch mode, power on voice and change channel voice.

Above are the total 7 tips when programming DMR radio RT54, pay more attention on these, I think You will program your DMR radio successfully.

If any question about how to program your DMR radio, please feel free to leave message here, we will reply you soon.

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