A lightweight IP67 radio RT87 is coming

A lightweight IP67 radio RT87 is coming. What is IP67?A waterproof radio can be lightweight? A waterproof radio can be stylish? A waterproof radio can be small?WOW, unbelievable RT87 did it ! RT87 did it !

1. What is IP67?

IP67 refers to the protection security level.
The two digits behind the IP, the first one is the solid-state protection rating, the range is 0-6, which means the protection from large particles of foreign matter to dust, the second is the liquid protection rating, the range is 0-8, which means that Protection from vertical drops to bottom pressure.

The larger the number, the stronger the ability. IP67 can protect the dust from inhalation ( prevent the penetration of dust), protection against short soaking (anti-soaking).

2. RT87-A lightweight IP67 radio


The RT87 is a lightweight, relatively small radio in the current waterproof machine. There are a lot of radios that have a thick shell and a lot of waterproof devices in order to be waterproof.

The entire radio is heavy, the appearance is not flexible, and it is inconvenient to carry.  RT87 improves these issues. The RT87 is more compact, smaller, lighter and more stylish.

If you have RT87, you don’t have to worry about wet weather anymore. The call quality is very good.
If you have RT87, you have the most fashionable walkie-talkie in the waterproof machine.

Is it a good intercom?
The last but not least, the function of the RT87 is more comprehensive than that of the previous analog double-end digital machine, adding a variety of functions such as scrambling.
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