How to activate RT7 VOX?

RT7 is a upgraded version of H777. Thinner in body, FM function added, VOX function to make hands-free.
VOX is very convenient and important function, when your need talk to others by walkie talkie, but you also need do other things by hand. Do you know how to activate RT7 VOX function?

Retevis RT7There’re 2 ways to activate RT7 VOX function.

1.Set RT7 VOX by programming software.

Step:1 Please download and install RT7 USB driver (USB Universal Driver) and RT7 software from RETEVIS official website
Step 2: You need a programming cable C9018A
Step 3: Connect your RT7 with you PC, using progrogramming cable
Step 4: Turn on the radio RT7.
Step 5: Now we come to RT7 software interface

VOXStep 6: choose the communication port and read from radio
Step 7: Click √ in VOX func part
Step 8: Click write to radio in “program” column to save

Then RT7 VOX will be open, when talk with others, no need press PTT key, just speak to the mic., voice will be transmit.

2.Set RT7 VOX by hand

Step1: turn on the radio
Step2: switch radio to channel 1, or channel 2, or channel 3, or channel 4, each is ok, but must from channel 1 to channel 4.
Step 3:turn off the radio
Step 4: press PTT and side key 1(the key next and below PTT), AT THE SAME TIME, turn on the radio

You will hear VOX on. Then you successfully activated RT7 VOX.
Then how to do when you want to close VOX?
Turn off the radio. Then from channel 1 to channel 4, press PTT and side key 1(the key next and below PTT), AT THE SAME TIME, turn on the radio, you will hear VOX off. Then VOX function closed.

For RT7, now only black/silver color available for VOX function, any requiries about VOX, please feel free to discuss together. Thanks!


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