The advantages of DMR two-way radios

DMR two-way radios support the transmission and reception of radios in digital mode. And the digital radio can provide more data communication functions.

1. Improve the efficiency of spectrum use.
The use of DTMA increases the capacity of the channel and allows two calls to be made together. Superior spectral efficiency is an advantage of critical communications.

2. Longer battery life.
The DTMA capability of DMR two-way radios optimizes the amount of time the transfer is idle, thus increasing battery life overall.

3. Better sound quality
Analog radios convert sound into frequency signals for transmission, while digital radios transmit sound through logic with zeros and ones. Logic can be used to correct the data to provide optimal audio quality.

4. Compatible with analog radio.
Analog walkie-talkies can only talk to each other, but DMR two-way radios can talk to both digital and analog radios.

Retevis’ DMR radios are available in RT3S for ham, RT81, and RB22 for business, and now the new RT40 DMR license-free radio for Europe. You can order on our website, ask for a coupon code on Facebook, and get a quotation via

Why do radio operators like to use DMR radios?

DMR radios provide more fun on the radio because of the different working modes. So, they would like to analyze how to improve it.  And the DMR radio is a trend for users in the digital world. So, do you want to have a digital radio?

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