Agriculture use for Retevis RT81

Agriculture is the Most Healthful, most useful and most noble employment of Man! Let’s imagine, if you have a large estate, it’s a cool thing to shuttle and work in the fields! So if you have agriculture work, it is very meaningful.If you work on farm, I guess you should carry waterproof waterproof walkie talkie to talk with your staffs.

So which product should you carry with? Our client owns a big farm, he wants to communicate with his employees, to talk long distances while harvesting crops. At last, he selected RT81,it greatly solves the problem of calling. So and you? Do you know why he chose RT81? Let us discuss it together.

RT81 is a 10w radio, can reach long-distance communication.

Generally speaking, the farm is very broad, if you select low power walkie talkies, it maybe hasn’t excellent results, and 10w radio can meet your requirements, you don’t need to worry about the distance,achieve effective communication between you and your peers.

The battery is high efficacy, with 2200mAh.

The battery of RT81 is 2200mAh, this can be used for a long time without worrying about a low battery. If your work circumstance is not convenient and timely charging,you can select this radio, you can fully charge it in last night, and carry it outside all day.

RT81 is IP67 waterproof radio.

Usually, the farm is damp, such as dew. if you use a normal radio, it may be damage to the function of the machine, shortening the service life. You can select IP67 waterproof walkie talkie, if you carry it in a humid working environment, don’t worry to use it.

Also, RT81 has two modes of digital and analog, 2 regions, select 32 channels.
So do you know why do you select RT81 now?  Do you also want to get one? Here is the link:

If you have other questions, please contact freely!

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