Ailunce HD1 Update Firmware and Software

Retevis Updated the Amateur radio Ailunce HD1‘s firmware and software. The latest version is Software v1.98 and Firmware V1.53.

Software v1.98 and Firmware V1.53 changelog

1. Radio screen can display below 4 modes.
Display VFO-A | VFO-B
Display VFO-A | CH-B

Display CH-A | VFO-B

Display CH-A | CH-B

2. Add Mic Gain setting on the radio.

Click Menu-Main Set-Mic Gain(Value from -10 to +10)

3. Increase Mic gain internal value and add internal mic gain protection
4. Add Talk permit tone, Channel free tone, Repeater connect tone, repeater fails tone.

5. Add permit tone select on-off for analog and digital

6. Repeater tone is free from beep restrictions.
7. Set the GPS report contacts on the radio.
8. Show TS1 or TS2 on the radio main screen.

9. Add “No RX Info when operating Menu”, Radio can check if you are in the menu to judge display the RX info or not.
10. Add functions for Side key setting

Zone Plus
Zone Minus
DMR Slot
Manual Dial
11.Improve the squelch function
12. Address when setting the CTCSS, after the first time receives, there will no audio when a signal is coming, unless you press PTT again.
13. An issued problem when a Channel Alias in only imported if it’s numbers. If it is text then the imported field is just blank.
14. The new software and firmware are more stable with a connection to the computer.

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Wanna to know more about Ailunce HD1? Watch this video about HD1 teardown:




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4 thoughts on “Ailunce HD1 Update Firmware and Software”

  1. Firmware upgrade for the standard model HD1 isn’t working.
    Is it possible to upgrade my HD1 to a GPS version?


    1. What is the error do you meet when you upgrade firmware? If your radio is no GPS version, you cant upgrade to a GPS version.
      Any question, you also can email to Thanks!

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