Ailunce HD1 Front Panel Programming (FPP)

Ailunce HD1 is the latest DMR digital Dual band Amateur radio. It has a lot of features, like 32 Radio IDs selectable, IP67, Firmware Upgrade for free and so on!

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Here I will introduce an important feature.

HD1: Front Panel Programming (FPP)

Almost all the operations can be done via keypad, no need the PC and programming cable. You can do the belows:

1,Swift between Digital and analog mode: In VFO mode, long press ” Exit” to swift Digital/ Analog mode.

2,Swift between Channel and Frequency mode: Press the “Exit” to swift CH&VFO mode.

3,Change/Add Radio ID: Click Menu to choose Radio ID, to add or change ID numbers.
4,Change DMR mode: Click Menu-Band A/B to choose DMR mode:  simplex, repeater, Double Slot.
5,Change Band A/B information like Zone,Step, power, Vox,Timeslot,contacts and so on.
6, Connect with the repeater: choose the DMR mode, set the shift up and frequency, color code, DMR slot and others.

Here is a video about this feature FPP:

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