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Ailunce HD2 Waterproof Dual Band DMR Radio—HD1 upgraded version

Ailunce HD2 Waterproof Dual Band DMR Radio—HD1 upgraded version-

With the obvious trend from analog to digital, the demand for digital walkie-talkies continues to increase. Retevis recently released an exciting new product: the Ailunce HD2 Waterproof Dual Band DMR Radio. As an upgraded version of HD1, it not only retains all the functions of HD1, but also adds some brand-new features to meet the needs of users.

1. Appearance

The appearance of Ailunce HD2 is similar to HD1, but it has a series of upgrades.
First, the PTT button is externally protected so that it is less likely to accidentally trigger the launch even if the HD2 is in a backpack or pocket. In addition, HD2 also adds an alarm button, located on the top of the fuselage. This design not only facilitates users to call the alarm under special circumstances, but also avoids false triggering in ordinary times. In addition, to facilitate users to distinguish different machines, label stickers are added to the side of HD2 so that users can easily identify them.

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2. IP67 Waterproof

Ailunce HD2 also has IP67 waterproof function and has an improved design structure. Based on maintaining IP67 waterproof, the use of the channel knob is specially optimized to avoid the problem of inflexible rotation after long-term use.

3. High Power

The power of HD1 is H/M/L:10/5/1W. While the power of HD2 is 10/4/1/0.5w. In addition, the buttons on the side can also select ultra-low power 0.5W, which is convenient for use with digital hotspots.

4. Adjustable screen brightness

It supports night mode and can adjust the screen brightness so that users can clearly see the screen content in different environments.

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5. Bluetooth function

HD2 has added Bluetooth function, and users can use it with Bluetooth headsets or microphones to make communication more convenient.

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6. Massive contacts

Compared with HD1, Ailunce HD2 supports importing more DMR contacts, reaching an astonishing 500,000. This allows users to easily manage large amounts of contact information.

7. One-click alarm

The top of Ailunce HD2 is equipped with an eye-catching alarm button, so users can easily and quickly request an emergency call in an emergency, whether it is a local alarm or a remote alarm.

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8. VFO function

The VFO function has been added to the software, and users can choose to switch between channel mode and frequency mode. You can switch by short pressing the EXIT key, so that users can flexibly switch modes as needed. The default is channel mode, allowing switching.

9. Text input

In the text editing interface, users can switch between uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers by long pressing the scan key, making text input convenient and fast.

10. USB Type-C charging

The upgraded USB Type-C rechargeable battery allows users to directly connect the radio to a desktop charger for charging, or charge the battery separately, making it more convenient and practical.

Overall, the Ailunce HD2 Waterproof Dual Band DMR Radio is a powerful and reliable digital walkie-talkie. Suitable for outdoor activities, wilderness travel, cycling, hiking, paddleboarding or kayaking, emergency rescue communications, etc. If you are a user who has high requirements for digital walkie-talkies, then Ailunce HD2 will be your ideal choice.

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  1. (1). Is this radio Part 90? I think the HD1 is considered commercial PART 90

    (2). It looks like this radio is locked from transmitting on commercial, FRS/GMRS/MURS frequencies like the HD1 out of the box. Is this true it’s locked for only HAM radio transmit? If so can this radio easily be UNLOCKED so it transmits fully like the HD1 from 136-174 MHz & 400-480 MHz?

    Thanks, Dion Wood
    WRMB766 & N9DCW
    PHONE 1-435-599-9000

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