The US amaterur radio license

Amateur Radio licenses in the United States

Amateur Radio licenses are very important. In the United States, amateur radio licensese are governed by the FCC.

If you want to use the amateur radio band radio, you need to get the Amateur radio licenses. Beside, you also need to know the rules  for legal operations

There are three licenses classes in the US- Technician, General and Extra.

Technician License, The entry-level license,


The FCC Technician License exam covers basic regulations, operationg practices and electronic theory. with a focus on VHF and UHF applications. Morse code is not required for this license.

The Exam Requirement: 35-question Technician Written Exam (Element 2).


When you get this license, you will have all ham radios privileges above 30mhz, and it includes the very popular 2m band( VHF band)

Lots of Ham radio operators use their handheld radio or mobile radio on 2m band to keep in touch with others.

Also, they can make international radio contacts via satellites, using relatively simple station equipment.


General License, The middle level.

is the second of three US Amateur Radio licenses , requires passage of the Technician test, as well as a 35-question multiple-choice General exam.

General class licensees are granted privileges on portions of all amateur bands, and have access to over 83% of all amateur HF bandwidth.

This License opens the door to world-wide communications.

To upgrade to General class, you must have recently passed the Technician License exam or already hold a Technician Class license.


Amateur Extra License, The top US license class.

It will be more difficult to get, you need to pass a thorough 50 question examination.

This Extra class licensees must also have passed all previous license class written examinations( Technician license and General License)

It includes the specialized operating practices, advanced electronics theory and radio equipment design.

Extra Class licensees are authorized to operate on all frequencies allocated to the Amateur Service.


In the amateur radio license examination system, there are three written examination elements [Elements 2, 3, and 4].

For each operator class, you must pass the elements indicated:

Operator ClassRequired Elements
TechnicianWritten Element 2
GeneralWritten Elements 2, 3
Amateur ExtraWritten Elements 2, 3, 4

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