Amazing-Mini Radio RT20 is a perfect match for bicycles

Mini Radio RT20 is only 89mm, 51mm and 15mm in length, width and height, which is very small and exquisite.

Today, a customer left a message for us: I absolutely love them, and use them with my 2 young sons when they bike ride so we can stay in contact.

Mini Radio RT20 is extremely lightweight and will not burden you. And with sling, it will be very convenient when cycling. The price of $19.99 reduces the cost of use.

Mini Radio RT20

There are Keyboard Lockout, Channel, Volume and FM keys on the keyboard, which makes personalized settings very convenient. The lock screen key will protect the personalized settings from being tampered with. The VOX function allows you to free your hands when riding and working, making it safer and more convenient.

The Busy Channel Lockout function can remind the channel to be busy and avoid invalid sending of information. The TOT function can remind you to send a call and change the rhythm in time.

Moreover, the RT20 has a very delicate appearance, which is different from traditional walkie-talkies and is not obvious in the pocket. Simple and easy to carry.

Long-lasting battery life allows you to picnic, ride a bicycle and play hide and seek games outdoors. At the same time, farms and construction sites are used more.

If you already have a scene to use it in your mind, share it in the comments below.

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