RT52 DMR Ham radio

Anounsment: 55%off discount of RT52 for every ham

. If you have followed our social media pages, I believe you have received our news about the RT52 discount yesterday. If you have followed our page, I believe you have also noticed changes. This activity is a reward for the support we give to our previous and new customers. Why is this the best time to buy?

I believe that you will find that most of the product discounts in these two months are 40%off, which is lower than our usual price. However, we will reduce the price of RT52 by 55%, and it is still a digital amateur radio, which is really a rare opportunity.

So let’s take a look at the functions and performance of the RT52.

  1. There are 2 ptt buttons on the left side, so you can find it easily, and you can change the holding way to talk to others.
  2. The 1.8 TFT colorful display and customized display can serve the clear look of icon and frequency.
  3. Call logs: if you missed the call or you want to recall, the call record function can record and list the recent 32 calls on the radio.
  4. Lone worker function: if you are the patrol, you can use the function to keep your work safe.
  5. Are you worried about the loss of your radio? The remote kill and stun function can help managers or leaders lock the radio to prevent leaks of the internal messages.
  6. The GPS function knows where you are, making it easy to get your location information if you get lost or need it.
  7. 4000 channels can help you talk to more hams, and you can also upload 100,000 contacts by firmware.

How do we use for?

The most important scenario is ham activity. So, you can connect the repeater to expand the communication distance. So you can answer further call, and you can exchange the information with other hams. However, if you want to travel with your families or friends, you can also contact them.

DMR radios are useful and important for more hams, according to a dealer of ham radios. He said, more people prefer DMR radios. The clearer voice, smart design, and convenient way to use, to create more choices to hams.

And now, the 55%off RT52 discount is processing, come to have a look and order it now.

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