Answer Some Simple Questions about RT81 walkie talkie

Answer Some Simple Questions about RT81 walkie talkie

Question1: What are the special functions about RT81 walkie talkie?


①RT81 walkie talkie is a DMR Digital/Analog two modes radio, it means that RT81 has two modes: Digital and Analog.

You can choose to use which modes according to the radio which you are talking to.

RT81 can compatible with Digital & Analog radio at the same time.

For Example:

If the radio talking to you is Analog(such as Retevis RT22), you can use the RT81 with Anolog mode;

If the radio taking to you in Digital mode(Such as Ailunce HD1), you can use the RT81 with Digital mode.

②RT81 is a IP67 Radio, after strict waterproof and dust test, RT81 can be normal used in complex environment.

③RT81 is can offer crystal clear sound, full quieting digital voice communication.

④RT81 is have a high-output of ten watts, Increased communication distance.

Question2: Why when i want to read from radio( after connect my radio with computer), it always appear “Invalid port number”?

Like below:


Firstly, please make sure your radio with your computer is correct connection, your programming cable is suit for RT81(C9055A):; And your radio is power on.

Secondly, Please check your software port, make sure it is the same as your computer;

Radio’s software port:

Computer port:

Then read from radio, it will be ok.

Question3: How to switch between Digital and Analog?

Answer: Now we will show you step by step.

  1. Please connect your radio with your computer, turn on your radio, open the software, then read from radio.

2. You can change mode in the channel type.

3. If you want to Modify other parameters, please click “more”.

Question4: Is it the RT81 software support on Mac OS?

Answer:Many of our radio’s software can support windows system, but not support on Mac OS, the same with RT81. If your computer is Mac, please find a windows computer for test.

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