App programmed Bluetooth Radio RT78

Retevis bluetooth handheld radio RT78

App programmed radio Retevis Bluetooth handheld radio RT78, the new model, it supports

  • Mobile phone APP program
  • the Bluetooth

This model RT78 is the App programming handheld radio, you can program this radio by your mobile phone’s app, no need to connect to the computer to program.

Our Retevis RT78 with the Frequency Range: UHF 400-470MHz, output power 4W. IP67 waterproof and dustproof grade. is the best choice for emergency communication or outdoor.

Let’s take a quick look on

APP programmed bluetooth supported radio RT78:

As the normal radio, it has the PTT button, Up and Down button, power on and volume button, Mic port as the below picture:

App programmed handhel radio RT78

The top buttons of this App programmed handheld radio RT78:

For the top button with orange color, it is the multi-function composite button. there are some differents when

  1. [Double-click the top button] When pairing an external device such as a mobile phone, a Bluetooth headset, a wireless PTT, or a wireless hand microphone, the “ding-dong”prompt tone enters the external pairing state and waits for pairing with an external device.
  2. [Short press] Turn the radio on or off, and use the up and down buttons to adjust the radio. Press the Up button to search the radio by Increasing the frequency. Press the Down button to search the radio by decreasing frequency
  1. [Long press] Turnon/offthe radio prohibit transmit function. When the radio and network intercom dual mode are used, you can choose to turn off the radio transmission function and use only the network intercom function.


GPS positioning antenna: this model is only GPS positioning by mobile phone, GPS antenna is not installed.

Before using this App programmed radio RT78, you need

1, Download the APP on your smartphone

2, Connect the radio with your smartphone by bluetooth.

3, Program your radio on your phone.

If any question about this radio, please leave message here or contact us by email:


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9 thoughts on “Retevis bluetooth handheld radio RT78”

  1. I’m in the USA. What app pairs with this radio for the iPhone? Also what options do I have for a waterproof microphone?

  2. Can you pair it with a bluetooth headset, such as a sena motorbike headset? Are there compatible PTT buttons you recommend?

  3. Channel change voice announcement is stuck in Chinese, how can I switch it to English? I can’t find the option the in the Android app.

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