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Are you finding a radio with type-C charger? RB28 is coming

Are you finding a radio with type-C charger, RB28 is coming. Before, some customers would ask whether there is a walkie-talkie that can be charged with a USB cable, but many of our walkie-talkies need a charging base to charge. Although 6-way charging can solve the problem of charging multiple devices and occupying an area, isn’t it better to charge through only one USB charging cable?

RB28 is our new license-free radio with a screen and type-C USB, and it looks like a phone:

RB28 looks like& function

Here is the functions list:

The frequency range: FRS and PMR446

Channel: 22/16/8

Transmit power: 2W/0.5W

Wide/Narrow band: 12.5KHz

Display: 1.28 inch

Charger port: Type-C

Programming jack: Kenwood 2-Pin

Antenna: fixed

Battery capacity: 1500mAh

Other functions: call tone, prompt tone, VOX, Squelch, Scanning, Monitor, TOT, CTCSS/DCS, Battery save, backlight, keyboard lock,  Emergency alarm, BCL, etc.

This RB28 is designed with the customer’s experience in mind and closer to the customer’s needs through customer feedback.
The simple appearance can also cater to the preferences of more customers.

Are you finding a radio with type-C charger, RB28 is coming. Are you looking forward to this radio? It looks forward to meeting you soon.

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