Retevis new arrival –B3H FRS Ultra Thin radio with Hidden Display

Retevis new arrival –B3H FRS Ultra Thin License radio with Hidden Display

Retevis  launches many  Ultra-thin FRSradios, such as RT22, RT15, RT22P, RB39, RB39P, RB47, B3H etc. This blog mainly introduces the new arrival—B3H Ultra Thin FRS radio with Hidden Display.

1/What does B3H look like?

B3H Ultra Thin FRS radio-laura-1

2/What are the features of B3H?

1. License-free radio

B3H is FRS license-free radio with bluetooth headset . No need to get certified, ready to use out of the box.

2.Ultra-slim and handheld

Retevis B3H with an ultra-thin and lightweight design, only 15mm thin. The dimensions of the B3H without clips are 148×55×15mm (H*W*D).

3.With Hidden Display

It comes with a hidden display, which helps you see the information of the walkie-talkie more intuitively, such as channel, battery level, channel lock, etc.

B3H Ultra Thin FRS radio-laura-2

4.Vox function

B3H also has the VOX function, which can help you free your hands.

How to turn on/off  the VOX: Please turn on VOX funtion in the programming software first. Then turn the B3H radio to channel 7 and power off, and then press the UP key and power on to turn on or off VOX.

5.Large capacity battery

B3H comes with a 1620mAh  battery, which provides more using time for your work and charge quickly when plugged in.High battery quality, can be used for a long time.

6.Side key settings

You can set the functions of side keys in the software, such as scanning function or alarm function.

For example, when the side key is defined as emergency alarm through the programming software, long press the DOWN key for 2 seconds and alarm icon pops up on the screen. The emergency alarm will sound, and an emergency alarm signal will be sent, which can be received by the walkie-talkie with the same frequency within thereceiving range. Press the transmit button to end the emergency alarm transmission.

More Functions:
Scan Function
Monitor Function
Squelch Function
Battery Saving
50 CTCSS Codes/210 DCS Codes
Low Battery Alert
TOT (Time Out Timer)

3/What’s in the B3H package

2 x B3H FRS Walkie Talkie
1 x 2-in-1 Charging Cable
1 x User Manual
2 x Belt Clip
1 x Adapter

B3H Ultra Thin FRS radio-laura-3

4/Accessories for B3H

Earpiece: C9239A

B3H Ultra Thin FRS radio-laura-4


B3H Ultra Thin FRS radio-laura-5

Progrmming cable:J9138P

B3H Ultra Thin FRS radio-laura-6

Retevis B3H license free walkie talkie has a 1.5mm ultra-thin body design, which is easy to carry and use. VOX can help you free your hands. The large 1620mAh battery capacity allows you to work all day, and the Type-C charging method allows you to charge faster. And it has a hidden screen to help you understand the working status of the walkie-talkie. It is good choice for workplaces such as hotels and restaurants. If you are interested in, please feel free to email to

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