Battery Protection Tips

How to make your radio work for a longer time ?

As using a same radio , some people could make it work for only three years,while some others could use it for about six years. It is not just because of the frequency of usage , but also the battery protection .So here sharing the 11 tips about battery protection .

Battery Protection tips

1. Do not make the battery close to the metallic conductor.Once they (such as jewelry and keys ) touch the bare battery pole piece ,there will be a battery short circuit ,and causing the battery to burn or on fire. So please be careful to your charged battery, especially when it is in a place which is with some other metal parts together .

Battery Protection Tips1

2. Please use the original or approved batteries .The general operating temperature range of walkie-talkie batteries is from -20℃ to 60 ℃.

Battery Protection Tips2

3. Please make sure the radio power is turned off when you change the batteries .And do not pull out the battery when the radio power is on.

Battery Protection Tips3

4. Please charge the battery power to 50% when you decide to leave it for a long time . It is good for protecting the battery usability . When the radio is turned off more than about a week , the battery should be fully charged after running out of the rest power .

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5. The battery could be charged and used for about 300-500 times in general . So we should try to avoid charging the battery when it is still have power or using when it is not fully charged. They both will shorten the battery life and finally .

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6. The battery should be charged at 5℃-40 ℃ . And if the temperature exceeds this range, the battery life will be affected. At the same time , the battery may be charged under the rated capacity. So do not expose the battery to the place where is too hot or too cold .

Battery Protection Tips6

7. Turn off the radio when charging .

Battery Protection Tips7

8. Nickel-cadmium & NI-MH battery should be charged for about 12-16 hours to reduce battery memory at the first three times .And after that ,it is enough for charging about 8-10 hours. Lithium batteries can be easily activated.It is just need to be charged and used as usual for about 3-5 times. Then it can be activated to restore normal capacity. And lithium batteries do not need to charge more than 12 hours . 4-6 hours is enough.

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9. It is not necessary to run out of the lithium battery power before charging .Or it would be damaged if operated in a wrong way. Also please try to do normal charge instead of fast-fill. Please use suited charger or the original charger . and following the instruction.Or battery will be damaged ,even be dangerous.

Battery Protection Tips9

10. If nickel-cadmium battery batteries aren’t consistently drained to total emptiness before they’re recharged.  They gradually develop a  memory,  taking less and less of a charge each time. So Press PTT to test if the power is ran out of .

Battery Protection Tips10

11. When the battery power has 5% for the transmitting signal.5% for the receiving signal .90% for standby .it will work for about 8 hours in general. It depends on the battery capacity and qualityand the frequency of use.

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4 thoughts on “How to make your radio work for a longer time ?”

  1. I always was worried about those contacts on the back of the battery. Why do you not just protect it was a slider, or at least give us a neoprene pouch that fits like a glove? Or have the contacs inside so the battery only charges after removing it from the radio? Best regards, Jürgen

    1. Great idea ,but don’t u worried too much dear .The Retevis contacts are very small and just use it as usual is ok .

  2. …if really worried – just use a small strip of electrical tape over contacts – preferably in the color red.

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