Best Basic Walkie Talkie for Mountain Use

For mountain adventurers, having a reliable communication device when exploring the great outdoors is so important. A basic walkie talkie for mountain use is an essential tool that can help ensure your safety and enhance your overall experience. After doing some research and consulting with fellow hikers, I would recommend the Retevis RA55/RA655 Radio as a reliable and affordable option for mountain use.

RA55/RA655 Mountain Radio

Retevis RA55/RA665 is a license free mountain radio for clear communication while climbing. (RA55 is FRS two way radio and RA655 is PMR446 walkie tallkie.) It has several excellent features for mountain adventures.

Retevis RA55 RA655 Walkie Talkie for Mountain Use
Retevis RA55 RA655 Walkie Talkie for Mountain Use


One of the standout features of the Retevis RA55/RA655 is its portability. It is a lightweight two way radio with a small and compact design that weighs just 150g, making it an ideal choice for climbers who require convenience and ease of use. Even if you carry it for extended periods, you won’t experience any fatigue.


Another great feature of the Retevis RA55/RA655 is durability. The soft silicone material used for the cover is quite strong and can withstand wear and impact. Equipped with this protective case, it ensures extended service life by reducing damage during rock climbing or mountaineering activities.

Noise Reduction

Compared with other mountain radios, Retevis RA55/RA655 has a special feature for intelligent noise reduction. It is designed to effectively eliminate background noise, especially wind noise, during mountaineering, ensuring crystal-clear reception.

Long Battery Life

RA55/RA655 has a long battery life. It comes with a 1200mAh rechargeable battery that can last up to 10 hours of continuous use, which is plenty of time for a day hike or even an overnight camping trip. It also comes with a Type-C charging cable, which makes it convenient to charge the RA55 license free walkie talkie outdoors.

Extra Features

In addition to its practical features, the Retevis RA55/RA655 also has some convenient extras that make it a great choice for mountain use. It has a portable climbing carabiner that enhances secure connection during mountaineering and a coiled spring extension chain for effortless portability and operation.

Overall, Retevis RA55/RA655 is a great choice for anyone looking for a basic walkie talkie for mountain use. Its portability, durability, noise reduction, long battery life, and extra features make it a reliable and practical option for any mountain adventure.

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