Best extreme sports waterproof walkie talkie

Are you looking for a communication tool that you can use for extreme sports in a wide range of weather conditions? Extreme sports waterproof  walkie talkie will be good choice. Waterproof walkie talkies are perfect for rainy days, sailing, kayaking, fishing and other types of water-based activities. Many of these models are able to withstand heavy rainfall and splashes of water and some can even be fully submerged, and all without losing functionality.

But please keep in mind that even models that can be submerged, they cannot remain underwater for long periods of time.

Besides waterproof, what features are also very important for a extreme sports waterproof walkie talkie?

1.Long communication range

Such as hunting, or kayaking, you must make sure you and partners are within the communication range. In case emergency, you can get in touch with them the first time. We all know, in same conditions, a high power walkie talkies, will have longer range than a lower power walkie talkie. So best we use 10W big power walkie talkie, like Retevis RT29.

2.Long standby time

Sure, we need the walkie talkie to have a longer standby time. Big battery Capacity enable longer standby time. Retevis RT29, 3200Mah battery capacity, bigger than most analog walkie talkies. Also it has car charger, even if outdoor that direct charger is not conveient, you can charge your radio on car easily.

3.Different frequency band to match different environment

We know for UHF band frequency, it has stronger penetration ability, so it’s suitable to use in communication environment that has much barriers, like hills, buildings, Billboard or walls.

For VHF band frequency, it has stronger diffraction ability, so it’s suitable to use in communication environment that has less barriers, like on the sea, on the open farm, on the beach, Grassland, etc.

So we not only need UHF band radio, sometimes, we may also choose VHF band radio. Retevis RT29 is UHF and VHF selectable. UHF VHF136-174Mhz, wide frequency range.

4.Scramble function to make your communication more secret

RT29 has scramble function, you can set in RT29 software, to have same scramble code with your communication radios. This way, other radio can not hear what you said, even with professional frequency and CTCSS/DCS detector.

RT29 is so suitable an  extreme sports waterproof walkie talkie, are you interested in it? You can email to for inquiry at any time.

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4 thoughts on “Best extreme sports waterproof walkie talkie”

  1. I just received a Retevis RT29 VHF to use it as “marine radio”, it is waterproof but not floating. The only problem I had programing was the cable driver, my PC W10 will not accept the HD1 Driver recommended by Retevis, so I used one I had from 3/2017 and it worked fine.

    1. hello Carl,
      So sorry for this, the RT29 is the waterproof radio, without the floating function, if you want to choose the marine radio, you can choose the RT55.
      And for the driver, usually the Win10 can identifies the driver automatically.
      Would you please tell me what is the driver 3/2017?

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