portable GMRS repeater for farm

Best portable GMRS repeater to extend communication range

Best portable GMRS repeater to extend communication range

GMRS radio is very polular in USA, because of its advantages as below:

1/ One person hold license, Immediate relatives can share same license.

The United States permits use by adult individuals who possess a valid GMRS license, as well as their immediate family members. Immediate relatives of the GMRS system licensee are entitled to communicate among themselves for personal or business purposes, but employees of the licensee who are not family members are not covered by the license. Non-family members must be licensed separately.

2/GMRS is 5w higher power than FRS radio, so longer range.

After you hold the GMRS license, you need a good GMRS radio and and a good perforance GMRS repeater to extend the range.

Retevis has a professional GMRS radio Retevis RT76

RT76 gmrs radio

Retevis also developed portable GMRS repeater RT97 to match this GMRS radio RT76:

RT97 portable GMRS repeater

For GMRS Repeater RT97:

TX: 462MHZ
RX: 467MHZ
Offset: 5Mhz
Output Power: 10w
Size: Package Size: 310*283*170mm
CTCSS/DCS: You can program by its software

For GMRS Handheld Radio RT76

30-channel GMRS radio(last 8-channel relay)
Monitoring function
Alarm function
Voice Activation Transmission (VOX)
Squelch function
Battery power saving function
Battery voltage prompt
Launch timeout reminder (TOT)
High / low power selection
Wide/Narrow bandwidth selection
Frequency hopping function
No-standard CTCSS
Indicator light

Choose the bundle RT97 GMRS with RT76 GMRS handheld radio, you can talk and extend the range directly, no need other settings in software.

You can also consider order feeder cable and antenna with RT97, which lessen the trouble to search these accessories when RT97 arrived.
Feeder cable: C9123A:

feeder cable


With this RT97 GMRS repeater RT97 and GMRS radio RT76, you can use it for farm,hotel, warehouse, restaurant,outdoor, etc. Any scenarios that you need legally use walkie talie and have the requirement to extend the communication range, RT97 analog repeater and RT76 GMRS radio, are good kits that worth your own.

farm use radio solution


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