Best portable radio 2022-The promotion of the restaurant

The restaurant is busy and mass. All the waiters, waitresses, cooks, and other workers are trying to serve more and more customers for more money and fees. So, communication in the restaurant is important. Portable two-way radio communication is one of the best ways to build clearer and higher efficient communication. Here are the advantages of restaurant two-way radios and the best portable radios 2022.


Clear communication

Two-way radios can help workers talk to others clearly and quickly. Your customers need a quick response from the waitress and chef. Restaurant waitresses can press the PTT button to discuss a specific customer’s request with the chef on a two-way radio.  And also, the managers should purchase compatible earpieces/headsets for their teams. The VOX function and clear sound are important in restaurants.

High efficiency

The best portable radios can save time and money for your team. Long life, simple use, and stable connection can provide high-efficiency communication. Then, the workers can serve more orders and gain more money.

Attractive more customers visit your restaurant

Two-way radio can provide the best services in your restaurant, so it will push the restaurant to succeed. Two-way radios can provide efficient communication between your customers and workers, reducing errors and getting the most positive critical in your local market. It is a good way to help you achieve your goal.

The best portable radio 2022 can work in your restaurant

In a large restaurant, they should use a high-power radio above 2W with multiple channels. Like GMRS radios if you are in the US and UHF-licensed radios in other countries.

RB23 is a 5W high-power GMRS radio with an IP67 waterproof function. It can be used in the kitchen and some wet and dusty places. And you can use the earpiece J9131A to work on the radio.

RB689 is a high-power Bluetooth radio. A Bluetooth earpiece in the box, so you do not order another earpiece to be compatible with the radio. And it with a hidden screen so that the users can check the main information on the screen, such as the channel number, the power, and the connection.

But in small restaurants, low-power radios are widely used. RB39 super thin license-free radio and RT22 hot sale radio are the best choices. They are license-free in many countries so users can operate the radios for free. And they are smaller than licensed radios. What’s more, they are very simple to use. FRS version can be used in the US, CA, and some other countries or areas. The PMR446 are license-free in most European countries and UK, and the high power of a PMR446 radio is 0.5W, so the max communication range is about 1 mile.

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