What is the best portable radio for the money?

What is the best portable radio for the money?

Two-way radios are a must when you need rapid communication, whether covering long ranges or short distances.

No matter your application — outdoors, recreation, commercial or professional, we hope you will find the product that meet your needs.

Let’s dive into the best portable radio for the money

1/ RT22 /RT622

The RT22 /RT622 portable walkie talkie gives you instant communication—without the bulky look and feel of a traditional radio.

It just 13mm, it fits easily in your hand, or discreetly in a suit jacket or pants pocket.

It only 109g , you can move freely and comfortably without being weighed down.

The sound  is very clean and the content is clear. Let you communicate without barriers at work.

Jacket-style back clip, securely installed and easy to remove.

2/ RT22P/ RT622P

1. Get in Work Right Out of Box
Retevis RT22P FRS is license-free radio, no license required, get in work right out of the box, both children and adults can use.

2.Ultra-thin design
15mm ultra-thin body, easy to tuck in a pocket or clip on a belt, suitable for restaurants, retail stores,hotels, schools, warehouses, construction sites and so on.

3. Large battery
Ultra-thin body, but with a large capacity of 1620 mAh battery, it can be used for 15 hours, ensuring that it is online at any time and improving work efficiency.

4. Typc-C charging
Typc-C socket,  more convenient and long-term use, more compatibility, can connect PC, game console, smart phone, storage device etc.

3/ RB39/ RB639

1. RB39 ultra-thin licnese-free two way radio
RB39  ultra-thin radio, small and portable radio,  Typc-C charging, and menu key, you can set the emergency alarm function, monitor functiojn, beep, the radio is very suitable for small business areas.

2. portable radio
The thickness of the walkie talkie is 17mm and the weight is 106g. You can easily hold it in your hands or put it in your pocket. or hotels, schools, restaurants and other business areas.

3. Emergency alarm
When you encounter an emergency, you can activate the alarm function to seek help from your colleagues. After the alarm tone ends, you can send a message to your colleagues directly, without pressing PTT to solve the problem more quickly and effectively.

4. Multi-charging Methods
The Type-C interface supports reverse insertion and the walkie talkie can be conveniently charged. With the 2 in 1 charging cable, you can charge two walkie talkies simultaneously, which has a higher charging efficiency. Also USB port supports wall charging, mobile power charging, car charging and computer.

5. Vox function
The VOX function provides great convenience for efficient communication without pressing the PTT button. Additionally, you can activate and deactivate with the menu key, which is very convenient.

6. High battery capacity
Equipped with a 1000mAh battery, the walkie talkie can continually work for 11 hours and without the hassle of frequent charging, which is very efficient.

7. Long Distance radio
With 1.4km-1.6km call distance, a strong penetration and a wide coverage area, the walkie talkie can improve communication efficiency.


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