Best-selling license-free walkie talkie

    The RT47 is a best-selling, license-free walkie-talkie, ideal for close-range activities such as family garden interactions, drills, and short trips.

family equipment
family equipment

    Some customers shared in the official website comments that RT47 is very suitable to use at home. Compared with holding an expensive mobile phone when repairing the car in the attic, RT47 is more convenient and timely. And the cost performance is high. Secondly, RT47 is a license-free walkie-talkie with frequency modes of MURS, FRS and PMR, which is more convenient and smooth to use; thirdly, RT47 is also a walkie-talkie with ultra-high dustproof and waterproof rating, which is suitable for users in outdoor diving, kayaking, Swimming .Even if it encounters rain, sand and dust, RT47 can still be used; Last but not least, the sound quality of RT47 is very sharp, which can clearly communicate and receive information; In addition, because RT47 is suitable for short-distance communication, so at home It is very useful in the scene and is suitable as a gift for children, friends and family.

best gift for children
best gift for children,license-free waterproof walkie talkie

   RT47 has functions such as VOX、Scrambler、CTCSS/DCS、Busy channel lockout、Scan,etc,which set by professional frequency writing software to make the call more accurate. I believe you will be amazed by this best-selling license-free walkie-talkie, and you deserve to own a walkie-talkie of your own.At the same time, Rerevis will also provide professional after-sales service for you to solve online software operation guidance and other services. You are also welcome to pay attention to Retivis official website, can also leave a message in the comment area, and we will reply you in time.



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