The best ski resort and communication tool in Europe.

Air France recently sent us a guide to the most beautiful ski resorts in Europe, giving you reasons to love winter. Therefore, I would like to recommend you to know the ski resorts and skiing equipment in Europe, especially the communication tool RT82 and RA619 radios to you.

Ski gears

  • Waterproof and cold clothing
  • Waterproof and sturdy backpack
  • Ski equipment
  • Helmets
  • Goggles
  • Communication tools/Emergency tools(See the last section for details)

The different ski resorts for your different experiences.


Courchevel ski resort has 57 ropeways and 93 ski runs with a total length of 150 km. In addition to its size, it is also a ski resort favored by so many celebrities, aristocrats, and rich people that the French compare it to st. Tropez in winter, a southern beach resort. You can enjoy the most beautiful scenery here.

France→Espace Killy

If you want to ski while on vacation, this ski resort is for you. Unique traditional architecture, a variety of leisure scenes, up to 300 snow trails, you are sure to spend a wonderful winter holiday here.


The ski resort for the adventurous and challenge-loving is Zermatt. It is certified by numerous international explorers as the most challenging mountaineering route, while the ski resort is also the largest and highest in the world.


History has made St. Anton the largest ski resort in Austria. For lovers of skiing history, a visit to the home of the world’s first ski resort will be even more historic.

Italy-Dolomiti Superski

Tired of elaborately crafted modern ski resorts, this Dolomiti Superski is the perfect choice for getting back to nature. With just a pass, you can glide through 1,220 kilometers of wide canyons. Stop and enjoy the canyon when you’re tired.

Finally, the best communication tool ski radios are recommended to you

If you are an explorer and adventure skier, then the RB82 is for you. It has a longer talking distance, more features, and more contacts, so it’s perfectly suited as an emergency rescue tool in ski resorts. Many ski resort workers and rescue workers use similar radios. So make sure you take it skiing with you.

And we have many blogs about RT82, like the advantages of RT82

ski communication tool

However, if you are a novice and amateur skier, then the RA619 license-free radio is best for you. It comes with Bluetooth and headphones, so you can receive and transmit from the helmet for maximum concentration. And you can use it with your families and partners. It bid farewell to the traditional black and green, more close to the color of nature.

The functions and features of RA619 is NEW BLUETOOTH TWO-WAY RADIO RA19/RA619 FOR YOUR SKIING

So, May you enjoy a perfect and safe skiing experience this holiday season. If you have any questions about the newsletter, please consult support@retevis.com. And you cal also follow our Retevis Facebook page or Retevisoutdoor Facebook page to get more information.

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