Best Two Way Radios for Construction to Consider

Retevis first real two way radios for construction RB48(FRS), RB648(PMR446) just come out. The model is a great two way radio for a construction company operating on a low budget. It is durable and dust resistant with an IP67 rating, meaning it is dust and water proof, allowing you to better protect your investment. If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective two way radio for construction, it will be a great option.



RB48 Two Way Radios for Construction
RB48 Two Way Radios for Construction

Large PTT Design

It has dual PTT buttons, one is on the side like other walkie talkies, the other is in the center of the unit, which is a large PTT button, easy to operate when fingers are inconvenient, such as wearing gloves.


RB48 with Big PTT
RB48 with Big PTT

Durable and Drop-resistant Design

With reinforced back clip, its rugged and thickened case can withstand 2-meter drop plus rugged anti-slip design. This feature is important for two-way radios used on construction sites.

RB48 with rugged belt clip
RB48 with rugged belt clip

IP67 Waterproof

It has the perfect waterproof and dust proof performance. It can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour. This feature allows the walkie talkies to work properly in a messy construction site.

Vibration Alert

The first call in standby mode will vibrate to notify workers of incoming transmissions. This function is designed to receive calls at the first time, and avoid omission.

Type-C Charging

It supports Type-C charging, the same way that most portable devices, smartphones, laptops are charged, so there are multiple charging methods for this radio.

New Two Way Radios for Construction RB48-RB648
New Two Way Radios for Construction RB48-RB648

Equipped with Dual Charging Station

To save time and increase efficiency in construction site, the walkie talkie is equipped with dual charging station, which can charge two radios at one time.

RB48 with Dual Charging Station
RB48 with Dual Charging Station

NOAA Weather Channel Alarm

It can receive weather alarms to let workers get prepared in advance. Please note that only the RB48 FRS radio has this NOAA feature, the RB648 PMR446 radio does not.

Power Saving Function

If there are no transmissions for a while, the unit will automatically switch to battery save mode. It follows the rule of “5-5-90% ” cycle time assumption ( 5% Talk / 5% Listen/ 90% Standby ).

2000mAh Large Battery Capacity

It comes with 2000mAh large battery capacity, in power saving mode, the radio’s standby time up to 100 hours. Under ideal conditions, RB48’s working time up to 19 hours, while RB648’s working time up to 29 hours.

Other Features:

10 Selectable Calling Tones


Scan Function

VOX (Hand-free Operation)

Keyboard Lock

Roger Beep

TOT (Time-Out Timer)

Low Battery Alarm

Busy Channel Lockout

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